Senior Frontend engineer React.js & Imaging Cornerstone.js | Deep-learning Healthcare start-up | Amsterdam

Job description


Our client is an AI healthcare scale-up that applies deep-Learning to CT scans. Their mission is to diagnose cancer at an early stage. The company is located in Amsterdam and has 25 employees.


They create software that is used by radiologists, pulmonologists and oncologists in hospitals and clinics across Europe. Their product assists medical staff in analyzing CT scans and provides automated diagnostic reports.


The company is rapidly growing and expects their deployments to sky-rocket throughout Europe and the US over the coming years. The development team will be tasked with onboarding new clients and building and releasing new features and AI solutions for medical diagnostics.


Senior frontend developer/imaging specialist

You will be responsible for the development of internal tooling and potentially user-facing applications.

 Internal tooling:

The company developed the first version of an image annotation tool. Using this tool, medical specialists develop and clinically validate datasets for the training and medical certification of the AI solution. This tooling is becoming crucial in the development of the core products of the company.


Currently, the tool is built-in React.js and uses Cornerstone.js to display and manipulate the medical DICOM images. Cornerstone is a JavaScript library for displaying medical imaging files in a web browser using HTML5 canvas.


User facing applications:

The company’s AI solution integrates with medical software systems. To make interaction with the AI solution and medical systems possible, a user application needs to be developed.


Interesting developing challenges:

  • Device-agnostic (desktop and tablets) user experience development;
  • In-browser image processing using the latest HTML 5 canvas features;
  • Performance optimization using concepts like web workers and network speed;
  • Designing and experimenting with user interaction for complex medical image annotation tasks.


Our client is looking for a very specific skill set. We are seeking for a senior developer with frontend development skills (JavaScript/React), experience in HTML5 Canvas, between 5-10 years of experience, who can work autonomously.



We are interested in speaking with Senior frontend developers, with the following background and character:

  • High degree of seniority, 5-10 years of experience;
  • Taking ownership of a full product;
  • Strong sense of responsibility;
  • The healthcare domain and the company’s mission speaks to your heart;
  • Experience with JavaScript/React.js;
  • Experience with imaging libraries/Cornerstone.js/HTML 5 Canvas or WebGL;
  • Preferable but not required – experience with DICOM.


  • Chance to help build this scale-up;
  • Salary 70k+ or more, depending on seniority level;
  • A lot of autonomy, a lot of responsibility;
  • Very smart, passionate colleagues.