Senior Backend Development position (Python) | Deep-learning Healthcare start-up | Amsterdam

Job description


Healthcare scale-up that applies deep-learning to MRI scans. The company is located in Amsterdam and has 16 employees currently, of which 6 data scientists and 6 full-time developers.



Our client is a healthcare scale-up that applies deep-learning to MRI scans. Their mission is to save lives by diagnosing life threatening diseases as early as possible.


They create software that is used by radiologists, internists and other doctors in hospitals and clinics across Europe. Their product assists medical staff in analyzing MRI scans and indicates areas of interest / higher risk.


The company has two stellar technical teams, a data science team and a development team, that work closely together.


Backend engineer (Python) 

Up until now, the focus has been on developing the right deep-learning model, building bullet-proof software and reaching crucial compliancy and regulatory milestones.


The backend team mainly writes mainly in Python, using the Django Framework. You work closely with your 6 development colleagues, the data science team and the newly hired DevOps engineer.


The healthcare domain is heavily regulated and requires the company to comply with many rules and regulations. This means that code needs to be written very neatly, releases have to be done carefully, and documentation is essential.


There is no hierarchy within the development team. You are given responsibility for your own projects, that you complete with the help of your colleagues. Similarly, you can be asked to assist your colleagues in projects that are assigned to them. We look for senior or lead engineers that can handle this high degree of autonomy and responsibility.


The company is rapidly growing and expects their deployments to sky-rocket across Europe. over the coming years. For the coming period, the development team will be tasked with onboarding new clients and building and releasing new features. Additionally, together with the Devops engineer, the development team will be investing resources in making the software ‘as-a-service’.


The current deployments are still mostly done locally, one of the next steps is to design and build a scalable cloud-based deployment infrastructure.



We are interested to speak with Lead or Senior software engineers, with the following background and character:


  • High degree of seniority.
  • Strong sense of responsibility.
  • The healthcare domain and this company’s mission speaks to your heart.
  • Highly experienced software engineer.
  • Experienced in Python.


  • Chance to help build this scale-up.
  • Lots of autonomy, lots of responsibility.
  • Very smart, passionate colleagues.
  • Depending on your background and seniority, great salary. 80k-95k annually.