Lead Python Developer | Dental AI / Machine Learning scale-up | Amsterdam

Job description


Promaton is a leading scale-up in the field of AI driven dental imagery. The company applies machine learning to digitalise dental X-Ray images; the images are segmented and categorised so that individual dental structures can be identified and analysed. 


The company is young and currently has 12 employees. While the level of expertise and dedication in the development team is impressive, we are looking for a very senior Python developer that can help to further improve the Python coding standards in the development team.

In 2020, the technology will advance to identify pathologies and other image modalities. Ultimately, the software will allow the dental professional reducing the diagnostic error rate and standardising his pathology detection. Promaton offers their software through an API that integrates into existing dental software systems.


Purpose of the role

We are looking to hire a Senior Python developer who will be principally responsible for backend development. You will report to the CTO and are primarily responsible for the development of Promaton's back-end infrastructure. This includes DevOps work like designing the release pipeline and testing framework, integration with client systems, as well as developing image-processing modules and interfacing with deep learning models. Ideally, you are a a very experienced Python developer that is able and motivated to raise the Python coding standards in the team.

Key characteristics

1. You are a Python - ’native’ speaker; you have perspective on the language / frameworks. Through your experience and insight you have the natural ability to teach and convince others in the Promaton team;
2. Software engineer at heart - we are not (necessarily) looking for accomplished architects that can design the entire system, but we do ask you can design functional parts;
3. Ability to lead a young team; we are looking for either an accomplished lead developer or someone that can quickly grow in this position, and can work closely together with the CTO;
4. Communicatively able. 



  • Working in a great scale-up company;
  • Remote working is a possibility. The development team is working on the right format and are discovering how to best implement;
  • Depending on seniority, we can offer between € 70.000 and € 110.000 yearly salary.



  • Indigo conducts the first two interviews; a telephone call and subsequent face-to-face interview at our office / by Skype;
  • Promaton has two interview rounds and an assessment.


  • Collect requirements, design and develop the infrastructure of our Deep Learning and API back-ends. This includes:
    • Creating and maintaining pipelines that handle API requests and run the our AI algorithms;
    • Design and develop internal tools that manage data;
    • Design and develop automation for CI/CD, and performance measurement metrics.
  • Work closely with clients and Data Scientists to integrate cutting edge algorithms with dental workflows;
  • Further improve the Python coding standards in the development team;
  • Work in a structured way to coordinate specs, development workflows and test cases to comply with Quality Assurance (QA) standards for certification;
  • Implementation and working in line with the required Information Security Objectives;
  • Analyse and optimize response-times and performance;
  • Collaborate with the full team to make strategic recommendations and improvements to the technology and business.