Interim CTO | E-learning scale-up | Marine industry

Job description

Role and company 

Indigo is recruiting an interim CTO for an e-learning scale-up in the marine industry; shipping and off-shore. Our client has built a SAAS based e-learning platform for certification and compliancy in the marine industry. The platform services desk-less workers effectively. The company is spread across Europe (Norway, Poland, UK, Spain) and has around +/- 300 people. Recent acquisitions have been done and the technical landscape needs to be tidied up - both from an architectural and organizational viewpoint. The current CTO is leaving and a new permanent CTO is being hired. You will be responsible for successful transition. 

Remote working is largely possible, travel to Norway and Poland may be incidentally required.


You will work with no-nonsense, pragmatical, friendly-but-no-time-for-bullshit management. We need an interim CTO to: 

  • understand what the new management wants to achieve; 
  • provide overview of the IT landscape and IT organization; 
  • come up with a plan to reach what management wants to achieve; 
  • help onboard the permanent CTO; 
  • keep working alongside the permanent CTO; 
  • assist management and the permanent CTO in executing their goals

We expect strong growth, both in business and team size. 



We are looking for an experienced CTO that has encountered similar situations before and has proven to be successful. Our ideal CTO candidate has a background in software development and has experience in scaling up SAAS companies. We need someone that is 'plug-and-play' interim CTO. Not only capable, but battle-scarred.