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Head of Data / Mobile start-up

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

For a young mobile start-up we are looking to hire three colleagues:

· Lead Mobile developer

· Head of Data / Lead Data specialist

· Lead Devops specialist


The start-up has built a platform that allows friends to effortlessly meet each other in real life. Friends reveal to selected friends, or groups of friends, where they are checked in when going out. The inspiration for the two founders to build this company, stems from the realization that ‘social apps’ are geared to online interaction and limit – rather than stimulate – real life interaction.

Aside from meeting friends, the platform recommends users where to meet socially. Up to 20% of the best hospitality venues in any city will be chosen to partner with, and the platform recommends venues to users based on their preferences and history of visits.

The launching city is Amsterdam. This will be the town where the app will be perfected and later used as a blueprint to conquer cities in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide.


Both founders are entrepreneurs, have a background in software development, live in Amsterdam and have a strong footing in the hospitality sector.

We are looking to build a small but strong core team. We aim to avoid middle management and look to hire self-starting individuals that can manage themselves and know how to work as a team.

The profiles we have in mind is that of a lead developer, CTO and Head of Data of a smaller or middle sized company that wants to get back in the thick of it. People with great executional impact.


The product is built from scratch as a progressive web app, by one of the founders. We are looking to fork the app to native IOS and Google apps in the coming months. We are looking for a very experienced Mobile developer to help us with that.

Much of the user experience and business model depends on data. We have a lot of localization, payment, personal data to handle and handle well.

The backend is built in AWS and we are looking for a lead backend/ DevOps specialist that can help us build a lean & mean, scalable platform that can handle up to 1.000.000 users this year.

Offer and hiring procedure

The start-up is currently hiring three roles for the months of April/May. They are in the process of raising money and the positions will be contingent on money being raised.

Salaries are at a senior level, with considerable stock appreciation rights.

We aim to complete the hiring process in the 2nd week of March and prefer to work with candidates in the evening hours in March/April - before the official hiring - to test if we can work well together. In that period the founders want to interact with the candidates socially as much as possible, again to make sure we make a good team.

Next steps

Interested? Email

Best regards! Willem ter Harmsel

Job requirements

Head of Data / Lead Data Specialist

Experienced Lead Data Engineer with Data Science skills. We someone with hands-on Data engineering experience, who does however have the ability to zoom in and out.

A strong candidate would have some experience in the following:

· Python



· Postgre

· Jupyter Notebook

Experience in some of the following:

· deriving insights from user, platform & application data

· working with geo location data

· working with logs

· visualising data

· driving business decisions based on data