Front-end JavaScript developer / Vue.JS | Financial FX Scale-up

Job description

Job Description

For a financial scale-up in Amsterdam we are looking for a senior Frontend developer with 5+Yrs JavaScript skills and preferably Vue.js experience. More importantly, we look for level of seniority where you are quick to learn new frameworks. 

You will join a team of 5 very senior developers that are backend /.Net core oriented and currently cover backend and frontend. 


Our client is a Cross border payments and FX Fintech Startup located in Amsterdam. Having just reached their first big milestone, going live and successfully on-boarding the first customers, their next goal is growth. First in the Netherlands and soon all over Europe. 

The company has existed for 24 months, has 25 employees in total. The culture is defined by openness. If you ask something, you’ll get the honest answer. Discussions are won on intrinsic merit, not paygrade or hierarchy.



Location; Amsterdam

Salary; 75k-90k per year depending on seniority


Technology stack currently used / in near future

  • JavaScript / Vue.js and some (old) React.Js
  • Azure/AWS
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Nexus
  • Config management: Chef, Ansible, Terraform
  • Serverless technologies: Lambda, Functions
  • Container technologies: Docker, K8s, ECS
  • Backend is in .Net core

You have experience in working together with other strong developers, you know what takes to build a business critical system together with others and not just on your own.


For more information contact Willem ter Harmsel - - 06-52308951 or Jaap van Goch - - 06-28902319