DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer position | Deep-learning Healthcare start-up | Amsterdam

Job description


Healthcare scale-up that applies deep-learning to MRI scans. The company is located in Amsterdam and has 16 employees currently, of which 6 data scientists and 6 full-time developers.



Our client is a healthcare scale-up that applies deep-learning to MRI scans. Their mission is to save lives by diagnosing life threatening diseases as early as possible.


They create software that is used by radiologists, internists and other doctors in hospitals and clinics across Europe. The product assists medical staff in analysing MRI scans and indicates areas of interest / higher risk.


The company has two stellar technical teams, a data science team and a development team, that work closely together.


Customer deployments

Up until now, fhe focus has been on developing the right deep-learning model, building bullet-proof software and reaching crucial compliancy and regulatory milestones.


Currently, most deployments are installed locally on servers in the hospitals themselves. The backend development team is responsible for installing/running and troubleshooting the software. This does not scale.


The company is rapidly growing and expects their deployments to sky-rocket across Europe. over the coming years. The next step is to design and build a scalable deployment infrastructure.



We are looking to hire a DevOps engineer. You will become responsible for the design and implementation of the new public cloud architecture, CI/CD pipelines, and monitoring processes. Not much is in place yet, you get to make most strategic choices together with the CTO and development team.


Aside from the architectural and technical aspects of this role, you will be the face of this company. You will engage with the various stakeholders at the hospitals; Directors, IT and medical staff, to guide them throughout this transformation.


This being a scale-up, you are willing to what is necessary within a broad scope, to make sure your customers are happy. This means troubleshooting in the weekends if needed, fixing ‘simple’ hardware- and software issues as they arise. You have no ego problems, you do whatever is most valuable for the company at a given moment. In short, you will design and build all the technology necessary to make the deployments scalable. Additionally, you will be the first point of contact and ensure that the current software keeps running well. 



We are interested to speak with engineers, with the following background and character:


  • You solve problems. You like solving problems.
  • The healthcare domain and this company’s mission speaks to your heart.
  • You’re a fast learner and enjoy a hectic dynamic.
  • Self-starting ability, flexible with working hours.
  • You enjoy travelling throughout Europe.
  • You have experience with Public cloud architecture and migration, AWS/Azure/GCP.
  • Experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines and working closely with developers.
  • Experience with containerisation and microservices architecture.


  • Chance to help transform this scale-up.
  • Lots of autonomy, lots of responsibility.
  • Flexible working hours and location.
  • Travel throughout Europe.
  • Very smart, passionate colleagues.
  • Depending on your background and seniority, great salary. 70k-90k annually.