Devops Engineers - Niche System integrator Amsterdam

Job description

For a niche system integrator in Amsterdam, we are looking for DevOps engineers with system engineering or software engineering background. We look for experience in Public cloud, CI/D and configuration management tooling. 


You will be part of a company with 270 employees of which 250 Devops and Software engineers. As the numbers indicate, the company is run by engineers. The company is divided in customer teams that build, refactor and maintain applications for a range of companies - varying from financial scale-ups (fintech) to large online retailers and corporates in the energy sector. 

Most of the mission critical applications are either written in C#/.Net (.Net core) or Java. We are looking for seasoned Devops engineers that want to join our client in Amsterdam. 

Together with your customer team, you are end-to-end responsible for the ecosystem your code is applied to. That means deploying code, building CI/CD pipelines and troubleshooting issues on-call.


Our client hosts their customers on a hybrid infrastructure. Specifically, a Cloudstack based private cloud and public cloud in AWS / Azure / Google (GCP). We are looking for experience and interest in the infrastructure layer, CI/CD and configuration management tooling. 


More about our client

Our client is a large player in the field of mission critical outsourcing services, situated in Amsterdam. Their platform is mostly open-source based and highly automated with added orchestration layers.


In terms of company culture – it’s as flat as can be. You are in direct touch with your 250+ colleagues and the directors / owners of the company. You’re encouraged to be direct and honest in your communication. Discussions are won on intrinsic merit, not paygrade.


Customers are approached in much the same way. As partners with whom you can discuss in all openness and directness. Software and DevOps engineers work together in customer teams and together share end-to-end responsibility for the customers applications.



  • Great salary: Typically Eur. 65k-90k base salary depending on seniority;
  • 15% additional bonus opportunity;
  • Relocation support: Visa applications, Moving costs, setting you up for 30% Dutch tax law;
  • Study budget / certification opportunities;
  • Joining Coding / DevOps events throughout Europe;
  • Company car;
  • Laptop / Mobile.


What do we look for?

- Experience as a software engineer in transforming / refactoring applications to cloud native architectures;

- Thorough expertise in Public Clouds: Azure, AWS, GCP;

- Windows, Linux, Databases;

- Containerisation: Kubernetes, Docker;

- Track record in CI/CD: Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Drone;

- Experience applying configuration management tooling: Chef, Puppet, Ansible

- Experience with or interest in IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation;

- Mastery of Business English;

- Proper attitude. 


Your role

- Building, refactoring, deploying and maintaining applications in C#/.Net or Java;

- End-to-end responsibility for your team's code;

- Deploy code updates into dev, test and production environments;

- Maintain Git repositories for developers; - Implement automation and IaC tools: Ansible, Chef, Powershell, Terraform; - Implement and maintain monitoring solutions at the server and application level in order to increase visibility into day-to-day operations and issues; - Transition critical software services into public cloud and containerized environments; - Configure and maintain public cloud environments, specifically:Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).