DevOps engineer with developer mindset | Financial FX Scale-up

Job description

Job Description

For a financial scale-up in Amsterdam we are looking for a DevOps engineer with 3+Yrs DevOps experience and preferably software engineering experience. We look for an engineer that enjoys working in a tight team with developers. 


You will be responsible for the architecture of the new Public Cloud environment and orchestrate the migration toward cloud. Setting up the CI/CD pipeline and facilitating the development process will be your main task.


Ideally, you want to take part in software engineering. For those DevOps engineers that seek a path toward (partially) becoming a software engineer, this is a perfect opportunity.


Our client is a Cross border payments and FX Fintech Startup located in Amsterdam. Having just reached their first big milestone, going live and successfully on-boarding the first customers, their next goal is growth. First in the Netherlands and soon all over Europe. 


The company exists for 2 years, has 25 employees. The culture is defined by openness. If you ask something, you’ll get the honest answer. Discussions are won on intrinsic merit, not paygrade or hierarchy.



Location; Amsterdam

Salary; 55k-80k per year depending on seniority



We are helping our client to assemble a great team of around 7 great backend, fullstack, frontend developers + 1 DevOps specialist with understanding of important supporting technologies in the CI/CD, configuration management, container/serverless and public cloud area. We look for developers that have the right attitude and experience to work as one. 


Technology wishlist

  • 3yrs+ public cloud experience in production, Azure, AWS, GCP
  • 3yrs+ CI/CD (Jenkins, Octopus) experience in production
  • 3yrs+ Configuration management skills, Chef, Ansible, Terraform
  • Experience with: Serverless technologies: Lambda, Functions
  • Experience with container technologies; Docker, Kubernetes, ECS
  • Great plus if your scripting skills are good
  • Even better if you have experience with JavaScript / Vue.js / React.js and .Net

You have experience in working together with developers, you know what takes to build a business critical system together with others and not just on your own.


For more information contact Willem ter Harmsel - - 06-52308951 or Jaap van Goch - - 06-28902319