DevOps & Backend engineer | Start-up in Solar Energy Rotterdam Area

Job description




For a start-up in Solar energy, we are looking for a DevOps engineer with backend development ambition. 


Our client is the leading company in The Netherlands designing software for solar panel installation companies. Their software helps build the solutions at the client and estimates the expected power return - using weather statistics & forecasts, a 3D shadow map of the Netherlands and many more indicators. The company is expanding to Belgium and Germany and are upgrading their Infrastructure. Currently they have a team of 12 people, of which 4 developers. The CTO co-develops and does the cloud architecture and CI/CD tooling.


We are looking for a great Devops engineer with 3yrs+ experience, that is responsible for the DevOps work and spends part of his time as a backend software engineer. Specifically, working on the backend API's in Python and the monitoring system for for actual solar panels.


On the DevOps front, one of the main tasks ahead is the migration from the current infrastructure on Openstack to AWS or GCP (not decided yet).  


Culture and working


The company culture is diverse and inspired. These guys are on a mission to make solar energy viable and conquer this market by really adding value. There is a good vibe in this company as a result of this. 

Furthermore, partly remote working is encouraged. It is important to be in the office from time to time, but the company does not mind if you work from home or further remote - as long as your connection with your colleagues does not suffer. So trips to abroad and working from your hammock is on offer :)



The company offers a good package. Importantly, you will receive a signicant amount of shares in the company. 




Technology wishlist


- Public Cloud skils, AWS/GCP/Azure

- Config management, Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Terraform

- CI/CD skills, Jenkins, Octopus

- Scripting skills

- Experience in or ambition to learn Python