CTO at FX Fintech startup

Job description

Our client is a Cross border payments and FX Fintech Startup located in Amsterdam. Having just reached their first big milestone, going live and successfully on-boarding the first customers, their next goal is growth. First in the Netherlands and soon all over Europe. 


The company exists for a year and a half, has 25 employees. Most are IT. The culture is defined by openness. If you ask something, you’ll get the honest answer. Discussions are won on intrinsic merit, not paygrade.

 The job

To realize the growth the new CTO and his team are responsible for the further development of a reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-efficient platform. Keeping the interests of the stakeholders into account and realizing that client experience is key.

As the CTO you are foremost responsible for the team, management and new hires. You define a clear vision on how to further build the FX & cross border payment system. You manage two major vendors. Having a technical background, you manage the IT-requirements in such a way that the right balance between technical and functional needs is reached. You get things done and know how to deliver.

You will be part of the Management team. Besides the 2 CEO’s and the CTO, the CCO is part of the team. The CTO has a crucial impact on the future of the company.


You have experience in managing teams, vendors and other crucial stakeholders. You know about techniques like .NET and angular and have built successful IT-organisation(s) as a teamplayer and like to work in a challenging, small and very promising organization.


Let us know by contacting Jaap van Goch: jaap@indigo.amsterdam,  +31628902319 or Willem ter Harmsel: willem@indigo.amsterdam, +31652308951.